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Protect your bed, furniture and floors with incontinence underpads. Underpads come in a variety of sizes to suite every need. From disposable underpads for your pets to reusable underpads for those with nighttime bladder issues. Choose your absorbency, size and type.

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What size underpad is right for me?

When choosing an underpad size, they come in a variety of dimensions. A few key things come into play in your decision. Where will you be using the underpad? Will it be on a bed? If so, what size bed? Who is the underpad for? Is it for an adult, a child or a pet? If you 're choosing an underpad for a child, you may want to go with a washable incontinence bed pad so that you can keep it clean while also keeping your long term costs down. If you are choosing an underpad for a small pet, you may want to go with a disposable pad that you can dispose of when it's been soiled on.

If you're looking for an underpad for a wheelchair, it's best to measure the wheelchair seat first, so that you can find the right size underpad that will fit without any folds or too much overhang. We suggest you use the filters on the this page to find the right dimensions for your needs.

Should I choose a Disposable Underpad or a Washable Underpad?

When it comes to deciding between a disposable underpad or reusable/washable underpad, it really comes down to a few questions. Do you need Heavy Absorbency or will Light Absorbency be ok? If the pads underpads will be used purely for urine soiled protection, than it's best to go with a reusable pad. If you're more concerned with pets defecating on the pad, than you want to go with a disposable underpad that is waterproof so you can dispose of the waste in a sanitary manner.

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