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Breastfeeding parents sometimes strive to boost their milk production. Thankfully, the method of breast pumping when combined with breastfeeding, may enhance milk production.

Breast pumping on a regular basis can help you establish, maintain, or increase a mother’s milk production. Breast milk production is influenced by supply and demand, which means one will produce more if you eliminate more milk.

Pumping, whether exclusively or in addition to nursing, helps your body produce more breast milk supply that can be increased by pumping. Read on to discover more about breast pumping and how to do it to produce more breast milk.

Knowing the Right Tool

Hand pumps and small electric or battery-powered pumps are fine for infrequent usage, but they cannot initiate, maintain, or increase breast milk supply. Meanwhile, a twin pump can also save time and effort for mothers who are doing exclusive pumping.

Clean the breast pump and tubing after each usage according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Hot, soapy water should be used to clean breast flanges and storage containers. Rinse and dry them before reusing them.

Doing the Pumping Effectively

Follow the manufacturer's directions on how to operate the pump for the best results. If you are still confused, contact the manufacturer or a lactation counselor for assistance.

Additionally, check the size of the pump flanges (shields) that cover your breasts and nipples. Breast flanges that are too large or too little might cause uncomfortable nips or injury to the breast tissue.

Preparing for Breast Pumping

Before pumping, wash your hands and choose a storage container. Prepare to pump for 20 to 30 minutes before every use.

Before you begin, leave a bottle of water or juice and some nutritional meals at your pumping station. It is simple to get a bite to eat and a drink if it is nearby. Milk production necessitates the addition of fluids and energy.

Regularly Schedule Breast Pumping

If your baby is breastfed, you should express milk after each meal. If you keep pumping, your body should start producing more milk. The ideal frequency of feeding is once every three hours to promote production. 

The Skin-to-Skin Contact

Skin-to-skin contact with your baby can help you produce more milk. This involves pumping while holding your baby. While pumping, relax and think about your child. Looking at a picture of your child, hearing his or her coos, and clutching his or her clothing or blanket may stimulate your let-down reflex and increase breast milk supply.

Inquire about kangaroo care if your infant is hospitalized and unable to nurse.

Add Warmth and Moisture

Apply warm, damp washcloths to your breasts to promote the flow of your breast milk. This also aids in decompression.

Alternating the Breast

When milk flow diminishes or stops when pumping one breast at a time, alternate breasts. Each breast should be pumped for ten to fifteen minutes each.

If you're pumping both breasts at the same time, keep going until the flow slows or stops, then restart. While pumping, massage your breasts to enhance milk production.

Store Breast Milk Hygienically

Breast milk should be kept clean and safe after pumping. Breast milk, refrigerated or frozen, can be preserved for at least six months if properly preserved.

Pumping for Increased Milk Supply

Pumping breast milk could be helpful for many situations, such as insufficient milk, relactation, hormonal issues, and hypoplastic breasts, among others. Pumped breast milk could also be helpful for adopted babies as well as nursing babies who have been separated from their mothers due to a variety of reasons.


Now, when caring for a child, it is easy to put oneself last. As a mother, you must not fall into the routine of self-neglect as this may have a negative impact on breast milk production. Apart from these tips on how to breast pump, make sure you consume a well-balanced diet rich in calories, hydrate, and rest.

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