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Showing 1 - 20 of 20 products
Activelife One Piece Drainable Transparent Ostomy Pouch - 526053_BX - 1
Assura Ac Easiclose Two Piece Transparent Ostomy Pouch - 529533_BX - 1
Convatec Natura Ostomy Pouch - 831545_BX - 1
Convatec Natura Ostomy Pouch
Sale price$53.99
Karaya 5 One Piece Drainable Transparent Colostomy Pouch - 60217_BX - 1
Karaya 5 One Piece Drainable Transparent Ostomy Pouch - 957426_BX - 1
Sensura Xpro Convex Light Maxi One Piece Drainable Ostomy Pouch - 734842_BX - 1
Sensura Xpro One Piece Drainable Transparent Ostomy Pouch - 734856_BX - 1
Ceraplus Urostomy Pouch - 1109573_BX - 1
Ceraplus Urostomy Pouch
Sale price$61.99
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Coloplast Assura Urostomy Pouch With ¾ Inch Stoma Opening - 487927_BX - 1
Coloplast Uro Two Piece Drainable Transparent Urostomy Pouch - 550839_BX - 1
Sensura Xpro Convex Light Maxi One Piece Drainable Urostomy Pouch - 841804_BX - 1
Sur Fit Natura Drainable Opaque Two Piece Colostomy Pouch - 325415_BX - 1
Remington Nephrostomy Drainage Bag - 1050229_EA - 1
Remington Nephrostomy Drainage Bag
Sale priceFrom $23.99
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Why Ostomy Pouches from Cart Health?

  1. Advanced Comfort Technology: Experience a new level of comfort with our pouches, featuring cutting-edge technology that conforms to your body's contours for a snug and discreet fit.

  2. Breathable and Skin-Friendly: We prioritize your skin health. Our pouches are made from breathable materials that reduce moisture, preventing irritation and promoting a healthy environment for your skin.

  3. Odor Control at its Best: Our innovative odor-control technology eliminates worries, allowing you to confidently go about your day without concern. Stay fresh, stay worry-free.

  4. Easy Application and Removal: Designed for convenience, our pouches feature user-friendly systems that make application and removal a breeze, ensuring you spend less time managing your ostomy and more time enjoying life.

  5. Variety to Suit Your Style: Express your individuality with our diverse range of pouch styles and sizes. Whether you prefer a discreet neutral tone or a bold statement piece, Cart Health has the perfect pouch for you.

Because Your Comfort Matters Most

Living with an ostomy shouldn't mean compromising on comfort or style. Cart Health is committed to providing solutions that prioritize your well-being and help you embrace life with confidence.

Explore the Cart Health Ostomy Pouch Collection Today

Discover the difference that thoughtful design and advanced technology can make in your daily life. Browse our Ostomy Pouch Collection now and experience the Cart Health commitment to your comfort and care.

Welcome to a world where your well-being is our top priority – welcome to Cart Health.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ostomy Pouches

The choice depends on the type of ostomy (colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy), the volume and consistency of output, skin type, lifestyle, and personal preferences. One-piece systems are more flexible, while two-piece systems allow for easier pouch changes. For active lifestyles, smaller pouches might be preferable. It's crucial to consult with an ostomy nurse or healthcare provider to determine the best fit and type.

Ostomy pouches come in several types: one-piece systems where the pouch and skin barrier are connected, two-piece systems with separate pouch and skin barrier, drainable pouches suitable for ileostomies, closed pouches often used for colostomies, and urostomy pouches designed for urine. Each type caters to different needs and preferences.

The frequency depends on the type of ostomy and individual skin type. On average, a pouch system should be changed every 3-5 days. However, for some people and certain pouch types, more frequent changes might be necessary to maintain skin health and hygiene.

Yes, most modern ostomy pouches are water-resistant and designed to withstand swimming. It's recommended to use a pouch cover and check the seal before swimming. Some people prefer using a smaller pouch for swimming for comfort and discretion.

Proper fitting is key to preventing leaks. Using accessories like ostomy paste, rings, or seals can provide an extra layer of security. Regularly inspecting the skin barrier for any lifting or weakening and changing the pouch at the first sign of a problem helps in prevention.

While most ostomy pouches are disposable for sanitary reasons, there are reusable options available. Reusable pouches require thorough cleaning and are less common due to the convenience and hygiene factors of disposable pouches.

Pouches with hypoallergenic adhesives and skin barriers designed for sensitive skin are recommended. Brands often have lines specifically for sensitive skin, minimizing irritation and allergic reactions.

Odor can be managed by using pouches with charcoal filters, using deodorizing drops or tablets, and maintaining a consistent cleaning and changing routine. Diet also plays a role; certain foods can increase odor, so dietary adjustments can help.

Specialized ostomy underwear and support garments can help conceal the pouch. Choosing the right pouch size and type for your clothing style is important. Dressing in layers or using patterned shirts can also help disguise the pouch.

Used ostomy pouches should be disposed of in a sanitary and discreet manner. After removing the pouch, it should be placed in a disposable, sealable bag and then discarded in the trash. Do not flush them down the toilet. Some areas may have specific medical waste disposal regulations, so it's advisable to check local guidelines.

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