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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 products
Nova Knee Walker, 31¼ – 37¼ Inch -Each
Nova Knee Walker
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McKesson Steel Knee Walker, 31 – 40 Inch Height - 1128894_EA - 1
McKesson Steel Knee Walker
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Experience Freedom and Comfort with Knee Walkers

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional walking aids and embrace the liberation of knee walkers. With their ergonomic design and advanced features, these innovative mobility devices ensure maximum comfort, stability, and freedom of movement, allowing you to maintain an active lifestyle while recovering from injuries or surgeries.

Enhanced mobility

Our knee walkers offer a myriad of benefits that will revolutionize your recovery journey. From enhanced maneuverability to superior weight distribution, each feature is meticulously crafted to optimize your experience. With their adjustable height settings and padded knee rest, our knee walkers guarantee a personalized fit and superior support, reducing strain on your body and promoting a faster recovery process.

Alternative to crutches for mobility

Immerse yourself in a world of convenience and versatility with our range of knee walkers. Navigate effortlessly through various terrains, whether indoors or outdoors, thanks to their sturdy and durable construction. Enjoy the convenience of easily maneuvering around tight corners and confined spaces, ensuring you remain in control at all times.

Experience the joy of independence as you bid farewell to the limitations of crutches. Our knee walkers allow you to regain your freedom and engage in everyday activities without hindrance. Effortlessly perform household chores, shop for groceries, or join family outings, all while enjoying the stability and confidence that our knee walkers provide.

Reliable support during injury recovery

Don't let your injury or surgery hold you back any longer. Take the first step towards reclaiming your mobility and enjoying life to the fullest. Browse our exquisite collection of knee walkers today and discover the perfect companion for your recovery journey.

Unlock the door to limitless possibilities with our exceptional knee walkers. Invest in your well-being and regain your independence. Choose freedom. Choose mobility. Choose our knee walkers.

Shop now and experience the transformative power of mobility!

Frequently Asked Questions about Knee Walkers

A knee walker, also known as a knee scooter, is a mobility device that provides support for individuals with leg injuries or surgeries. It features a padded platform for the knee, allowing users to rest their injured leg while propelling themselves forward using the other leg.

Knee walkers are suitable for people who have foot or ankle injuries, lower leg fractures, or surgeries that require non-weight bearing. They provide a convenient and comfortable alternative to crutches, allowing users to maintain mobility and independence during the recovery period.

Most knee walkers have adjustable handlebars and knee platforms. To adjust the height, loosen the locking mechanism, position the handles or knee pad at the desired height, and then secure the locking mechanism in place. Ensure that the knee platform is at a comfortable level to support your injured leg.

Knee walkers are designed to navigate various terrains, including indoor and outdoor surfaces. However, some models may perform better on certain surfaces than others. It's important to choose a knee walker with sturdy wheels and a stable frame to ensure smooth movement on different types of terrain.

In many cases, knee walkers are covered by insurance plans, especially if they are prescribed by a healthcare professional. However, coverage may vary depending on the specific insurance policy. It's recommended to contact your insurance provider and inquire about coverage options for knee walkers before making a purchase.

Most knee walkers are not designed for sitting. They are primarily intended for use in a standing position with the injured leg elevated on the knee platform. However, there are some knee walker models available with a detachable seat option, allowing users to switch between sitting and standing positions.

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