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Showing 1 - 24 of 187 products
Thermasonic Gel Warmer for 3 Bottles - 986938_EA - 1
Maddak Autodrop Eye Drop Guide - 972683_EA - 1
CanDo TheraPutty Exercise Material, 6 Piece Set - 969956_ST - 1
Dohm Sound Machine - 928385_EA - 1
Dohm Sound Machine
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McKesson Infant Heel Warmer
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WaxWel Paraffin Bath Refill
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IMAK Squeeze Ball
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WaxWel Paraffin Bath Accessory Package - 869440_BX - 1
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IMAK Eye Pillow Pain Relief Mask - 830690_EA - 1
FabLife Hip Kit with 32 Inch Reacher and 18 Inch Plastic Shoehorn - 814425_EA - 1
FabLife Hip Kit with 26 Inch Reacher and 18 Inch Plastic Shoehorn - 814424_EA - 1
CanDo TheraPutty Exercise Material, Yellow, Extra-Soft, 3 oz. - 810311_EA - 1
CanDo TheraPutty Therapy Putty, Medium, 3 oz. - 810308_EA - 1
CanDo Large Cylindrical Gel Squeeze Ball, Green, Medium - 803361_EA - 1
Carex Shoe Horn - 797423_EA - 1
Carex Shoe Horn
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Airex Elite Balance Pad, Blue - 793190_EA - 1
Airex Elite Balance Pad, Blue
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Benefits of Daily Living Aids

  • Provide independence and safety for those with physical limitations
  • Help reduce the risk of falls and other accidents
  • Allow individuals to remain in their own homes longer
  • Improve quality of life by allowing individuals to perform everyday tasks more easily

Types of Daily Living Aids

  • Bathroom aids: grab bars, shower chairs, raised toilet seats, etc.
  • Mobility aids: wheelchairs, walkers, scooters, etc.
  • Reaching aids: reachers, long-handled sponges, etc.
  • Dressing aids: dressing sticks, sock aids, shoe horns, etc.
  • Kitchen aids: jar openers, cutting boards with spikes, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions about Daily Living Aids

Daily living aids are products designed to help individuals with various tasks and activities in their daily lives. They provide assistance and support to people with disabilities, elderly individuals, or those recovering from an injury or illness.

There are various types of daily living aids available, including grab bars, reachers and grabbers, dressing aids, adaptive utensils, shower chairs, mobility scooters, canes, walkers, and more.

Daily living aids can improve independence by enabling individuals to perform tasks and activities on their own. They promote self-reliance, enhance safety, and provide comfort, thereby improving the overall quality of life for users.

Daily living aids can be purchased from a variety of sources, including online retailers, specialized medical equipment stores, pharmacies, and local health supply stores. Additionally, they may be available through healthcare providers or assistive technology programs.

Yes, there are specialized daily living aids available for different disabilities or conditions. For example, there are specific aids designed for individuals with mobility issues, visual impairments, hearing impairments, arthritis, or cognitive disabilities.

Yes, many daily living aids can be customized or adapted to suit individual needs. This can include adjustments to height, grip size, or other specifications to ensure optimal comfort and usability. Consulting with professionals or suppliers knowledgeable in assistive technology can help in finding appropriate customization options.

Yes, daily living aids can often be used in conjunction with other assistive devices to enhance independence and functionality. For example, a person using a wheelchair may also benefit from using reachers or dressing aids to perform daily tasks more easily.

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