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Showing 1 - 24 of 237 products
Fabrication Enterprises Elastic Shoelaces - 996717_PK - 1
Theraputty Putty Container - 548224_PK - 1
Theraputty Putty Container
Sale price$54.99
EntrustStep Stool 1-Step Chrome Plated Steel -Each
Thermasonic Gel Warmer for 3 Bottles - 986938_EA - 1
Maddak Autodrop Eye Drop Guide - 972683_EA - 1
CanDo TheraPutty Exercise Material, 6 Piece Set - 969956_ST - 1
WaxWel Paraffin Bath Refill - 889582_BX - 1
WaxWel Paraffin Bath Refill
Sale price$46.99
IMAK Squeeze Ball - 889371_EA - 1
IMAK Squeeze Ball
Sale price$14.99
WaxWel Paraffin Bath Accessory Package - 869440_BX - 1
FabLife Hip Kit with 26 Inch Reacher and 24 Inch Metal Shoehorn - 864616_EA - 1
FabLife Hip Kit with 32 Inch Reacher and 18 Inch Plastic Shoehorn - 814425_EA - 1
FabLife Hip Kit with 26 Inch Reacher and 18 Inch Plastic Shoehorn - 814424_EA - 1
CanDo TheraPutty Exercise Material, Yellow, Extra-Soft, 3 oz. - 810311_EA - 1
CanDo TheraPutty Therapy Putty, Medium, 3 oz. - 810308_EA - 1
CanDo Large Cylindrical Gel Squeeze Ball, Green, Medium - 803361_EA - 1
Airex Elite Balance Pad, Blue - 793190_EA - 1
Airex Elite Balance Pad, Blue
Sale price$121.99
FabLife Leg Lifter - 788436_EA - 1
FabLife Leg Lifter
Sale price$11.99
FabLife Formed Sock & Stocking Aid with Two Handles - 788419_EA - 1
FabLife Formed Sock & Stocking Aid with Continuous Loop Handle - 788418_EA - 1

Frequently Asked Questions about Physical Therapy

The best physical therapy products for home use often include resistance bands, stability balls, foam rollers, balance boards, and TENS units. These tools can help in various types of physical therapy exercises, aiding in recovery and strength building.

Physical therapy products aid in recovery by helping improve mobility, strength, and flexibility. They can also reduce pain and inflammation, enhance circulation, and support the healing process of muscles and joints.

Yes, physical therapy products can significantly improve flexibility and strength. For example, resistance bands and stability balls target specific muscle groups and joints, enhancing their strength and range of motion over time.

For knee pain, recommended physical therapy products include knee braces or supports, resistance bands, balance pads, and stationary bicycles. These tools can help stabilize the knee, strengthen surrounding muscles, and improve joint mobility.

To use physical therapy bands for muscle rehabilitation, one should perform exercises that stretch and strengthen the muscles. This involves using the bands to create resistance while performing various movements, which helps rebuild muscle strength and flexibility.

Using physical therapy balls for core strengthening helps improve balance, stability, and posture. These balls challenge the core muscles, including the abdomen, back, and pelvis, enhancing overall strength and coordination.

Top-rated physical therapy products for back pain relief include lumbar supports, foam rollers, inversion tables, and Pilates equipment. These products help align the spine, strengthen the back muscles, and relieve pressure on the vertebrae.

Physical therapy massage tools are highly effective for muscle tension relief. They can increase blood flow, reduce muscle tightness, and promote relaxation, aiding in the recovery of sore or injured muscles.

Yes, physical therapy products like balance boards, stability balls, and posture correctors can significantly help in improving posture and balance. They strengthen core muscles, enhance proprioception, and encourage proper alignment.

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