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Showing 1 - 24 of 59 products
3M Cavilon Barrier Film - 292018_BX - 1
3M Cavilon Barrier Film
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A T Surgical Mfg Co Inc Double Truss - 635687_EA - 1
Adapt Appliance Lubricant - 495227_EA - 1
Adapt Appliance Lubricant
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Adapt Colostomy Skin Barrier Ring - 329119_BX - 1
Adapt Colostomy Skin Barrier Ring
Sale priceFrom $6.99
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Adapt Convex Barrier Ring - 466331_BX - 1
Adapt Convex Barrier Ring
Sale priceFrom $6.99
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Adapt No Sting Skin Protective Wipe - 957425_BX - 1
Adapt Ostomy Appliance Belt - 150459_BX - 1
Adapt Ostomy Appliance Belt
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Assure C Odor Eliminator - 977955_BT - 1
Assure C Odor Eliminator
Sale price$12.99
Brava Barrier Strip Y Shape - 931146_BX - 1
Brava Barrier Strip Y Shape
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Brava Lubricating Deodorant - 830371_CS - 1
Brava Lubricating Deodorant
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Brava Ostomy Belt For Sensura Mio - 902062_BX - 1
Brava Ostomy Belt For Sensura Mio
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Brava Ostomy Belt - 817464_BX - 1
Brava Ostomy Belt
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Brava Ostomy Support Belt - 1124407_BX - 1
Brava Ostomy Support Belt
Sale priceFrom $66.99
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Brava Protective Seal - 1172244_BX - 1
Brava Protective Seal
Sale price$58.99
Brava Skin Barrier Strips - 1101119_BX - 1
Brava Skin Barrier Strips
Sale priceFrom $3.99
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Coloplast Assura Bedside Night Bag - 473533_BX - 1
Coloplast Assura Bedside Night Bag
Sale priceFrom $14.99
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Coloplast Assura Stoma Cap - 551030_BX - 1
Coloplast Assura Stoma Cap
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Coloplast Barrier Strips - 931145_BX - 1
Coloplast Barrier Strips
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Coloplast Brava Barrier Strips - 805382_BX - 1
Coloplast Brava Barrier Strips
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Coloplast Brava Ostomy Ring - 809844_BX - 1
Coloplast Brava Ostomy Ring
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Coloplast Brava Strip Paste - 1080755_BX - 1
Coloplast Brava Strip Paste
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Available Ostomy Accessories

Ostomy Belts

Ostomy belts help to support the weight of medical devices that are attached to the stoma. We have a large range of ostomy support belts to help you live your life the way you want. Ostomy belts come in a variety of styles.

Pouch Covers

Pouch covers fit over an ostomy appliance and are a terrific method to conceal the contents of your bag while also adding a little flare to your equipment. Ostomates who utilize clear bags employ pouch covers. Pouch covers are a convenient method to conceal the contents of your bag. This is particularly useful if you like to wear your bag over your clothes. They are available in a variety of materials and patterns, giving you virtually limitless alternatives. They're more comfortable to wear than other products such as support belts or ostomy wraps.

Stoma Caps/Hats

Stoma caps or covers are used to cover the stoma when there is stoma discharge. Patients with sigmoid or degressive colostomies may use stoma coverings or caps to irrigate. These caps are intended to control colostomy discharge via irrigation.

Barrier Discs

These protect peristomal skin and prevent leakage by creating a secure seal. It’s almost like a second skin.

Pouch Closures

Pouch closures can be utilized to secure the pouch's ends, eliminating the need to use a clip.

Seals/Barrier Rings

Adapt flat barrier rings help to prevent ostomy drainage from passing through the ostomy barrier. To provide a flatter surface, flat barrier rings are used to seal up uneven skin near the stoma. Barrier rings may be stretched, cut, or layered together to improve pouching fitting.

Where to buy ostomy accessories online?

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Frequently Asked Questions about Ostomy Accessories

The best ostomy accessories for everyday use encompass a range of items that enhance comfort, convenience, and overall well-being. Commonly recommended accessories include adhesive removers to gently lift pouches without causing skin irritation, high-quality skin barriers to promote a secure seal and protect the peristomal skin, and pouch deodorants to manage odor effectively throughout the day. Exploring different options and consulting with healthcare professionals can help individuals find the accessories that best suit their needs.

Choosing the right ostomy bag size is a crucial aspect of managing an ostomy. To determine the appropriate size, measure the stoma's diameter and height using a measuring guide. Consider lifestyle factors, such as activity level and clothing preferences. A snug fit is essential to prevent leaks, but the pouch should not be too tight, causing discomfort. Healthcare providers and ostomy nurses can offer guidance on selecting the right size based on individual circumstances, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit.

Yes, accessories for colostomy and ileostomy can differ based on the characteristics of each type of ostomy. Colostomy bags may have a larger opening, as the stool is more formed, while ileostomy bags often have a smaller opening to accommodate looser output. Additionally, individuals with ileostomies may benefit from accessories that help manage higher fluid content. It's essential to choose products specifically designed for the type of ostomy to ensure optimal functionality and comfort.

Common challenges with ostomy bag adhesives include skin irritation, poor adhesion, and allergies. To address these issues, individuals should choose adhesives that are skin-friendly and hypoallergenic. Proper skin preparation, such as cleaning the peristomal area thoroughly and ensuring it is dry, can enhance adhesion. If irritation persists, consulting with a healthcare professional is recommended to explore alternative adhesives or barrier products that suit individual skin sensitivities.

Many ostomy accessories are designed to be waterproof, allowing individuals to engage in activities like swimming and showering without compromising the integrity of the pouch seal. However, it's crucial to check product specifications and ensure that the specific accessories chosen are indeed water-resistant. Taking precautions, such as using waterproof covers for added protection, can provide extra confidence and security during water-related activities.

Yes, eco-friendly options for ostomy disposal bags are available for individuals who prioritize sustainability. Some brands offer biodegradable materials, reducing environmental impact. Exploring these options aligns with environmentally conscious choices, contributing to a more sustainable approach to ostomy care. It's advisable to check product details and certifications to ensure the eco-friendly claims are validated by reliable standards.

The frequency of changing an ostomy pouch varies among individuals and depends on factors such as stoma output and pouch capacity. As a general guideline, changing the pouch when it's one-third to one-half full helps maintain optimal hygiene and prevents leaks. However, individual needs may differ, and consulting with healthcare professionals can provide personalized recommendations based on specific circumstances and preferences.

Convex ostomy accessories, such as convex pouches and barriers, are designed to address challenges associated with retracted or flush stomas. These accessories have a curved shape that provides added pressure to the peristomal skin, creating a better seal and reducing the risk of leaks. They are particularly beneficial for individuals with stomas that are situated below the skin level. Consulting with an ostomy nurse or healthcare provider can help determine whether convex accessories are suitable for individual needs.

Yes, there are numerous online and offline support groups dedicated to individuals using ostomy accessories. Joining these communities provides an opportunity to connect with others who share similar experiences, offering valuable insights, tips, and emotional support. These groups often facilitate discussions on product recommendations, coping strategies, and lifestyle adjustments, fostering a sense of community and understanding among individuals navigating life with ostomies.

Preventing ostomy bag odor involves adopting effective hygiene practices and utilizing specialized products. Deodorizing tablets and pouch deodorants are available to neutralize and control odors, enhancing overall confidence. Maintaining regular pouch changes, cleaning the pouch and peristomal area thoroughly, and staying hydrated can also contribute to odor prevention. Experimenting with different deodorizing products allows individuals to find the most suitable options for their preferences and needs.

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