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Frequently Asked Questions about Oximetry

Oximetry is used to measure the oxygen saturation in the blood.

An oximeter works by shining light through the skin and measuring the light absorption to determine oxygen saturation.

Yes, there are fingertip, wrist-worn, and tabletop oximeters, among others.

Generally, oximetry is accurate, but accuracy can vary based on device quality and other factors.

An oximeter is often used to monitor oxygen levels in patients with respiratory conditions or those undergoing surgery.

No, oximetry gives an estimate of blood oxygen levels, but it doesn't replace detailed blood gas analysis.

Clean the oximeter with a soft cloth dampened with a mild detergent, avoiding submerging the device.

Some common brands are Baseline, Nonin, and Poractive.

Prices vary widely, from under $20 for basic models to several hundred dollars for advanced units.

Typically, oximeters are used on the index or middle finger for best accuracy, but it can be used on other fingers too.

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