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Showing 1 - 24 of 108 products
Scott Essential Toilet Tissue, -Case of 80
Scott Essential Toilet Tissue
Sale priceFrom $2.99
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Kleenex Ultra Soft 1 Ply Guest Towel Pop Up Box - 849753_BX - 1
McKesson Toilet Tissue -Case of 96
McKesson Toilet Tissue
Sale priceFrom $2.99
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Pacific Blue Basic Toilet Tissue - 655216_RL - 1
Scott Pro Paper Towels, 7½ Inch x 1150 Foot, 6 Rolls per Case -Case of 6
Scott Pro Paper Towels
Sale price$130.99
Spring Grove Paper Towel, 9 x 9.45 Inch - 988892_CS - 1
Scott Toilet Tissue -Case of 20
Scott Toilet Tissue
Sale priceFrom $54.99
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Scott Single-Fold Paper Towels, 9.3" x 10.5" -Case of 16
Scott Single-Fold Paper Towels
Sale priceFrom $5.99
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Scott Essential White Paper Towel, 6 Rolls per Case -Case of 6
Scott Essential White Paper Towel
Sale priceFrom $7.99
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Scott Essential Multi-Fold Paper Towel -Case of 16
Scott Control Hygienic High-Capacity Toilet Tissue -Case of 36

Frequently Asked Questions about Paper Products

Choose products labeled as recycled or made from sustainable sources. Brands like Seventh Generation, and Bumkins are known for their environmentally friendly options.

Look for paper towels with a high ply count and absorbency rating. Brands like Bounty and Viva are often praised for their absorbent qualities.

Research brands with certifications like FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) for sustainably sourced materials. Brands like Cottonelle and Seventh Generation prioritize environmental responsibility.

Yes, brands like Bambooee and Caboo offer biodegradable paper towels made from bamboo, a rapidly renewable resource.

Brands such as Marcal, Green Forest, and Seventh Generation prominently feature recycled content in their paper products.

Look for store brands or bulk options, and consider recycled content. Kirkland Signature (Costco) and Scott 1000 are examples of cost-effective yet quality options.

Some brands incorporate bamboo fibers or use alternative materials like hemp. Keep an eye out for emerging technologies aimed at reducing environmental impact in the paper industry.

Premium products often have enhanced softness, thickness (ply), and may include additional features like lotion. Brands such as Charmin Ultra Soft and Quilted Northern are considered premium.

Dispose of used paper towels in compost bins if they are free of contaminants. Otherwise, place them in the regular trash. Avoid flushing paper towels, as they can contribute to plumbing issues.

Look for brands like Angel Soft, Cascades, and Georgia-Pacific, which often have certifications such as FSC, indicating their commitment to sustainable forestry practices.

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