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Showing 1 - 24 of 498 products
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Vanicream Soap
Vanicream Soap
Sale price$7.99 Regular price$9.99
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TRUE METRIX Blood Glucose Meter - 984036_EA - 1
TRUE METRIX Blood Glucose Meter
Sale priceFrom $9.99 Regular price$12.99
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TENA ProSkin Cleansing Cream - 931629_EA - 1
TENA ProSkin Cleansing Cream
Sale priceFrom $9.99
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Halyard Surgeon Cap - 188621_CS - 1
Halyard Surgeon Cap
Sale priceFrom $42.99
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McKesson Thera Moisturizing Body Cleanser - 1049760_BT - 1
Halyard Spunbound Bouffant Cap, Large -Box of 100
Halyard Spunbound Bouffant Cap
Sale priceFrom $61.99
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Health Care Logistics Beard Cover - 718508_PK - 1
McKesson Surgeon Cap - 1186139_CS - 1
McKesson Surgeon Cap
Sale priceFrom $35.99
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Spa Essentials Headband - 547572_CS - 1
Spa Essentials Headband
Sale priceFrom $11.99
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Purell ADX-12 Hand Hygiene Dispenser, 1200 mL - 830122_EA - 1
Provon TFX Soap Dispenser, 1200 mL - 633531_CS - 1
Provon TFX Soap Dispenser, 1200 mL
Sale priceFrom $39.99
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McKesson Soap Dispenser, 1000 mL - 468279_EA - 8
McKesson Soap Dispenser
Sale priceFrom $15.99
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McKesson Dispenser Drip Tray -Each
KC KIMTECH PREP Surface Disinfectant Cleaner -Case of 6
GOJO TFX Soap Dispenser, 1200 mL - 563392_CS - 1
GOJO TFX Soap Dispenser, 1200 mL
Sale priceFrom $41.99
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Frequently Asked Questions about Home Health Care

Essential home health care products encompass a range of items designed to promote well-being and manage health conditions. These may include blood pressure monitors for tracking cardiovascular health, thermometers for temperature monitoring, and mobility aids such as walkers or canes to enhance mobility and independence. Additionally, items like first aid kits, medication organizers, and assistive devices like grab bars contribute to a comprehensive set of essential products.

Choosing the right home health care bed involves careful consideration of various factors. Size is crucial to ensure the bed fits the available space. Adjustability, allowing for different sleeping positions, can enhance comfort. Weight capacity is another critical factor, ensuring the bed can adequately support the individual. Considering features like side rails for safety and ease of cleaning can also guide the selection process. Consulting with healthcare professionals can provide personalized advice based on specific needs.

Yes, there is a wide array of home health care products specifically designed for seniors. These may include convenient pill organizers to manage medication schedules, grab bars and handrails to enhance safety and stability, and hearing aids to address age-related hearing loss. Additionally, products like elevated toilet seats, adaptive kitchen tools, and comfortable seating options cater to the unique needs of seniors, promoting independence and well-being.

Home health care aids offer numerous benefits, primarily focused on improving the quality of life for individuals with health or mobility challenges. These aids provide comfort by addressing specific health needs, enhance independence by enabling individuals to perform daily activities more easily, and offer crucial support for those managing chronic conditions. The use of aids can contribute to a sense of security and confidence, fostering a more active and fulfilling lifestyle.

Yes, the convenience of the internet allows for the online purchase of a vast range of home health care products. Numerous reputable online retailers offer a variety of options, providing detailed product descriptions and customer reviews for informed decision-making. Online purchasing facilitates easy comparison of prices and features, and many platforms offer discreet shipping for sensitive items. It's essential to verify the credibility of the online store and ensure the security of personal information during the purchasing process.

Affordable home health care solutions exist, catering to various budget constraints. Some basic products, such as thermometers and blood pressure monitors, are often available at reasonable prices. Additionally, insurance plans may cover certain home health care items, reducing out-of-pocket expenses. Exploring generic or store-brand options, considering refurbished equipment, and taking advantage of discounts or sales events are strategies to find cost-effective solutions without compromising quality. Consulting with healthcare professionals can also help identify budget-friendly alternatives.

Proper maintenance and cleaning are crucial for ensuring the longevity and effectiveness of home health care equipment. Following the manufacturer's guidelines is essential, as these instructions are tailored to each specific product. For example, regular cleaning of blood pressure monitors, thermometers, and mobility aids with mild disinfectants helps prevent the spread of germs. Checking and replacing batteries as needed, lubricating moving parts, and scheduling regular inspections contribute to the overall safety and functionality of the equipment. Regular maintenance not only extends the lifespan of the equipment but also ensures accurate and reliable performance.

Implementing safety measures at home is vital, especially when incorporating home health care equipment. Installing handrails in bathrooms and along staircases enhances stability, reducing the risk of falls. Non-slip mats in high-traffic areas and proper lighting throughout the home contribute to a safer environment. Ensuring clear pathways and removing tripping hazards are additional measures to enhance overall safety. Regularly reviewing and updating these safety measures, particularly for individuals with specific health concerns, is crucial to maintaining a secure and supportive home environment.

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