Rollator Accessories & Replacement Parts

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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 products
drive Wheel Assembly -Each
drive Wheel Assembly
Sale price$31.99
drive Height Adjustment Knob - 880605_EA - 1
drive Height Adjustment Knob
Sale price$29.99
drive Caster Assembly -Each
drive Caster Assembly
Sale price$40.99
drive Brake -Each
drive Brake
Sale price$39.99
drive Backrest -Each
drive Backrest
Sale price$33.99
drive Tote Bag - 880639_EA - 1
drive Tote Bag
Sale price$33.99
drive Rollator Basket - 957687_EA - 1
drive Rollator Basket
Sale price$100.99
Nova Seat and Back Cover, Black - 1172828_EA - 1
Nova Seat and Back Cover, Black
Sale priceFrom $23.99
drive Brake for Use With Rollators -Each

Our selection includes a variety of accessories designed to meet your specific needs. From convenient storage solutions to comfortable seating options, we have accessories that will enhance your rollator experience. Additionally, we offer an array of replacement parts to ensure your rollator remains reliable and safe.

With our Rollator Accessories & Replacement Parts, you can:

  • Extend the functionality: Enhance your rollator's capabilities with specialized attachments and add-ons designed to make your daily activities easier and more convenient.
  • Personalize your rollator: Choose from a range of stylish accessories to customize the appearance of your rollator, reflecting your unique personality and taste.
  • Maintain safety and reliability: Ensure the continued performance of your rollator by replacing worn-out parts with genuine components that meet the highest quality standards.
  • Improve comfort: Upgrade your rollator with accessories that provide additional comfort during extended use, such as cushioned seating options and ergonomic handles.
  • Enjoy peace of mind: With our reliable accessories and replacement parts, you can confidently rely on your rollator for improved mobility and independence.

Frequently Asked Questions about Rollator Accessories & Replacement Parts

Absolutely! We offer a variety of baskets and bags specifically designed to fit most rollator models, providing you with convenient storage options for personal items, shopping, or carrying essentials.

Yes, you can. We have a selection of replacement wheels available for different rollator models. Simply check the specifications of your rollator and choose the appropriate replacement wheels for a smooth and reliable rollator experience.

Yes, we offer various accessories like rollator glides or larger wheels that can enhance stability and maneuverability on different terrains, including uneven surfaces. These accessories can provide you with added confidence and safety during outdoor activities.

Certainly! We understand that comfort is essential, which is why we offer replacement seats and backrests for different rollator models. Upgrading these components can significantly improve your overall rollator experience.

Yes, we cater to specific needs with a range of specialized accessories. Our selection includes oxygen tank holders, cup holders, cane holders, and more. Browse through our collection to find the perfect accessory for your unique requirements.

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