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We offer a variety of walkers to fit your needs, from lightweight folding walkers to bariatric walkers with extra storage, brakes and large wheels. Get your independence back and stay on the move.

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Nova Knee Walker, 31¼ – 37¼ Inch -Each
Nova Knee Walker
Sale price$617.99
drive Travel Walker
Sale price$124.99
drive Steel Folding Walker, 25 – 32 Inch Height -Case of 4
drive Deluxe Aluminum Dual Release Folding Walker, 32 – 39 Inch Height -Each
McKesson Aluminum Folding Walker, 32 – 39 Inch Height - 1128907_EA - 1
McKesson Steel Walker, 32 – 39 Inch Height - 1128891_CS - 1
McKesson Walker, 32 – 39 Inch Height - 1128909_EA - 1
Save 0%
McKesson Steel Knee Walker, 31 – 40 Inch Height - 1128894_EA - 1
McKesson Steel Knee Walker, 31 – 40 Inch Height
Sale price$328.99 Regular price$329.99
McKesson Travel Walker - 1095393_EA - 1
McKesson Travel Walker
Sale price$95.99
McKesson Aluminum Folding Walker, 25 – 32¼ Inch Height - 1088077_CS - 1
McKesson Adult Aluminum Folding Walker - 1088076_CS - 1
McKesson Folding Aluminum Walker - 1076176_EA - 1

Types of Walkers

  • Folding Walkers
  • Bariatric Walkers
  • Youth Walkers
  • Steel Walkers
  • Aluminum Walkers
  • Walkers with Wheels
  • Walkers without Wheels

How to choose a walker that is right for you.

When choosing a walker that fits your needs, you should consider the height of the walker, the material the walker is made out of, the features of the walker, and how you plan on using the walker. First is the height. If you're taller than you need to ensure the walker adjustable height range will accommodate your needs. Once you've decided on the correct height range, ask yourself if the weight of the walker matters to you or do you need more stability. These decisions will help you make the right choice between aluminum or steel and folding or non-folding walkers. 

Steel or Aluminum Walker, which material is best for me?

Walkers normally come in either steel or aluminum. When choosing a walker based on the type of materials that they are made out of, there are a few things to consider. If you will be using it on the go then an aluminum walker is best because it's lightweight and easier to move around. If you need a Bariatric Walker for example, then steel is your best bet because it has a higher weight capacity to accommodate the user. 

Have more questions? View Mobility FAQ here.

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