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Showing 1 - 24 of 57 products
Squeeze Ball Gripp Purple Firm Resistance - 891442_BX - 1
Theraputty Putty Container - 548224_PK - 1
Theraputty Putty Container
Sale price$54.99
Skil Care Pediatric Cushion Grip - 183244_EA - 1
CanDo TheraPutty Exercise Material, 6 Piece Set - 969956_ST - 1
IMAK Squeeze Ball - 889371_EA - 1
IMAK Squeeze Ball
Sale price$14.99
Roylan Temper Foam R-Lite Foam Blocks - 869931_PK - 1
CanDo TheraPutty Exercise Material, Yellow, Extra-Soft, 3 oz. - 810311_EA - 1
CanDo TheraPutty Therapy Putty, Medium, 3 oz. - 810308_EA - 1
CanDo Large Cylindrical Gel Squeeze Ball, Green, Medium - 803361_EA - 1
TheraBand Exercise Resistance Band, Red, 5 Inch x 50 Yard - 772256_EA - 1
Gripp Medium Exercise Resistance Squeeze Ball - 770969_PK - 1
CanDo Vinyl Coated Dumbbell, Violet, 2 lbs., Pair - 770528_PR - 1
CanDo Vinyl Coated Dumbbell, Green, 3 lbs., Each - 767955_EA - 1
CanDo Digi-Flex Hand / Finger Exerciser - 766153_EA - 1
CanDo Standard Circular Gel Squeeze Ball, Green, Medium - 766146_EA - 1

Frequently Asked Questions about Exercise Equipment

To effectively use exercise equipment for weight loss, it's essential to incorporate a combination of cardiovascular exercises and strength training. Aim for a well-rounded routine that includes activities like running on a treadmill, using elliptical trainers, and engaging in resistance workouts with machines. Consistency is key, so establish a schedule and gradually increase intensity for optimal results. Additionally, consider consulting with a fitness professional for personalized advice.

The best cardio exercises with fitness equipment include options that elevate your heart rate and improve cardiovascular health. Treadmills offer a classic and effective cardio workout, while elliptical trainers provide low-impact alternatives. Stationary bikes are excellent for both beginners and advanced users. To keep workouts engaging, consider incorporating interval training or virtual classes tailored to cardio workouts.

Absolutely! Tailoring home workout routines to specific machines enhances the effectiveness of your training. For example, a routine with a rowing machine can focus on full-body strength and endurance, while a workout with resistance bands can target various muscle groups. Online platforms and fitness apps often provide curated routines for specific equipment, ensuring a well-rounded and challenging experience.

Seniors often benefit from low-impact exercise equipment to minimize stress on joints and enhance overall well-being. Recumbent bikes, with their comfortable seating and gentle motion, are an excellent choice. Elliptical machines offer a full-body workout without excessive impact. Consultation with a healthcare professional is advisable to determine the most suitable equipment based on individual health conditions and fitness goals.

Strength training using exercise equipment offers a myriad of benefits, including increased muscle mass, enhanced metabolism, and improved bone density. It's an effective way to sculpt and tone the body while promoting overall strength and stability. Regular strength training sessions with equipment like resistance machines or free weights contribute to better functional fitness and a reduced risk of injuries.

Proper maintenance ensures the longevity and effectiveness of exercise equipment. Wipe down surfaces regularly with a mild disinfectant to prevent bacterial growth. Lubricate moving parts according to the manufacturer's recommendations to prevent wear and ensure smooth operation. Check for loose bolts or parts and address any issues promptly. Following a routine maintenance schedule, outlined in the equipment's manual, will keep it in optimal condition.

The differences between various types of exercise equipment lie in functionality, targeted muscle groups, and the primary focus on cardio or strength training. For example, cardio machines like treadmills and ellipticals emphasize cardiovascular health, while resistance machines and free weights target muscle strength and endurance. Understanding these differences helps individuals choose equipment aligned with their fitness goals and preferences.

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