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Showing 1 - 24 of 28 products
Extendex Blood Pressure Unit Tubing - 28789_EA - 1
Exergen Probe Covers -Box of 1000
Exergen Probe Covers
Sale priceFrom $12.99
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Dexcom G6 Glucose Sensor -Pack of 3
Dexcom G6 Glucose Sensors
Sale price$675.99
Blood Pressure Cuff Barrier, Large -Box of 50
Blood Pressure Cuff Barrier
Sale priceFrom $16.99
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ADC BP Cuff Storage Unit - 465774_EA - 1
ADC BP Cuff Storage Unit
Sale price$26.99
Exergen Instrument Holder -Each
Exergen Instrument Holder
Sale price$68.99
AdTemp Thermometer Sheath - 511888_BX - 1
AdTemp Thermometer Sheath
Sale price$7.99
Health O Meter AC Adapter - 563673_EA - 1
Health O Meter AC Adapter
Sale price$79.99
McKesson Blood Pressure Unit Inflation Bulb and Valve -Each
W.A. Baum Tubing Connector - 243727_EA - 1
W.A. Baum Tubing Connector
Sale price$7.99
Adscope Snap-on Eartip - 953777_EA - 1
Adscope Snap-on Eartip
Sale price$7.99
ADC Stethoscope Mushroom Ear Tips - 256838_EA - 1
Hopkins Blood Pressure Cuff Protective Sleeve -Pack of 100
McKesson Blood Pressure Unit Gauge, Black/White -Each
McKesson Blood Pressure Unit Gauge
Sale priceFrom $14.99
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Adcuff Blood Pressure Tubing - 257072_EA - 1
Adcuff Blood Pressure Tubing
Sale price$21.99
Allied Healthcare Bottle Holder Bracket - 524071_EA - 1
Charge Pack Replacement Kit - 528294_EA - 1
Charge Pack Replacement Kit
Sale price$396.99
Mckesson Consult Stool Collection Kit - 854861_BX - 1

Frequently Asked Questions about Diagnostic Accessories

Diagnostic accessories are supplementary tools or items used to aid, enhance, or complete a diagnostic procedure. They can range from electrodes for ECG machines to calibration tools for various medical devices.

Diagnostic tools perform tests or measurements, while accessories enhance or support these tools. For instance, a blood pressure monitor (tool) might use a specific cuff (accessory) to measure a patient's blood pressure.

They ensure the proper functionality and accuracy of diagnostic tools, leading to precise diagnoses and effective treatment plans.

Several companies like Philips, Siemens, GE Healthcare, and Medtronic are known for producing high-quality diagnostic accessories.

Yes, there are many types, including cables, electrodes, probes, software enhancements, calibration tools, and more, each designed for specific diagnostic devices.

Maintenance and cleaning depend on the specific item, but typically involve regular calibration, software updates, and cleaning with approved disinfectants.

Diagnostic tools are the primary devices that conduct tests, while accessories support, enhance, or complement these tools.

Some can, especially those designed for home diagnostic tools like glucose monitors or digital thermometers. However, many are intended for professional settings.

When used correctly and maintained well, diagnostic accessories can greatly enhance the accuracy of the diagnostic tools they support.

Many medical supply stores, specialty online retailers, and directly from the manufacturers.

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