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Showing 1 - 13 of 13 products
Skil Care Heel / Elbow Protector - 252740_EA - 1
Skil Care Heel / Elbow Protector
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3M Ace Elbow Support - 1084226_BX - 1
3M Ace Elbow Support
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Aircast Pneumatic Tennis Elbow Support - 569003_EA - 1
Band It Elbow Band - 373076_EA - 1
Band It Elbow Band
Sale price$43.99
Cradle Lite Elbow And Heel Protector Sleeve - 318558_PR - 1
Imak RSI Elbow Support - 834857_EA - 1
Imak RSI Elbow Support
Sale price$47.99
Intellinetix Knee/Elbow Vibration Therapy Wrap - 1128958_EA - 1
Mckesson Elbow Protector Pad - 929208_CS - 1
McKesson Elbow Protector Pad
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Mckesson Elbow Support Strap - 1159089_EA - 1
McKesson Elbow Support Strap
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Skil Care Elbow Protector Pad - 171076_PR - 1
X Act Elbow Brace - 805962_EA - 1
X Act Elbow Brace
Sale priceFrom $213.99
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To use an elbow brace, follow these steps:

  • Place the elbow brace around your arm so that the padded section is over your elbow joint.
  • Adjust the straps on the brace so that it is snug, but not too tight. The brace should be snug enough to provide support, but not so tight that it restricts movement or circulation.
  • Fasten the straps according to the instructions on the brace. Some braces may have Velcro straps, while others may have buckles or other fastening mechanisms.
  • Once the brace is in place, adjust the position of the padding to ensure that it is covering the elbow joint properly.

To remove the brace, unfasten the straps and carefully slide the brace off your arm

It is important to follow the instructions provided with your elbow brace and to use the brace as directed by your doctor or physical therapist. Overuse or improper use of an elbow brace can cause additional injuries or complications.

Frequently Asked Questions about Elbow Braces

Elbow braces are used to support, stabilize, or restrict movement in the elbow joint.

Yes, elbow braces can help reduce pain and strain associated with tennis elbow.

Position the brace over the elbow joint, ensuring a snug but comfortable fit, and fasten any straps or closures.

It depends on the condition and doctor's advice, but some braces are designed for all-day wear.

Measure the circumference of your arm above the elbow and refer to the manufacturer's sizing chart.

Yes, there are hinged, compression, strap, and sleeve-style elbow braces, among others.

If worn too tight or for extended periods without medical advice, it can cause issues like reduced circulation.

Replace when it shows signs of wear, loses elasticity, or no longer offers adequate support.

Typically, hand wash with mild detergent, rinse, and air dry. Always refer to care instructions.

Depending on the activity, an elbow brace can provide support and protection, but it's important to consult with a healthcare professional.

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