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Knee braces are used to support and protect the knee joint. They're often prescribed by a healthcare provider for those who have suffered a knee injury, or who have a condition that affects the knee, such as arthritis or instability.

Showing 1 - 24 of 39 products
3M ACE Knee Support, Adjustable, Breathable - 1084220_BX - 1
Knee Brace 3M Ace One Size Fits Most Left or Right Knee - 1093104_EA - 1
ProCare Knee Wrap, One Size Fits Most - 251550_EA - 1
ProCare Knee Hinged Knee Brace - 302504_EA - 1
ProCare Knee Wrap - 302536_EA - 1
ProCare Knee Wrap
Sale price$46.99
ProCare Clinic Knee Sleeve - 302550_EA - 1
ProCare Clinic Knee Sleeve
Sale price$12.99
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ProCare Knee Stabilizer - 330381_EA - 1
ProCare Knee Stabilizer
Sale priceFrom $49.99 Regular price$70.99
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ProCare Knee Immobilizer - 410194_EA - 1
ProCare Knee Immobilizer
Sale price$42.99 Regular price$53.99
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Tru-Pull Lite Left Knee Brace - 634191_EA - 1
Tru-Pull Lite Left Knee Brace
Sale priceFrom $160.99
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Tru-Pull Lite Right Knee Brace - 634216_EA - 1
Tru-Pull Lite Right Knee Brace
Sale priceFrom $157.99
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Ossur Rebound Wraparound / Open Patella Hinged Knee Brace - 835511_EA - 1
DonJoy Quick-Fit Knee Splint - 841444_EA - 1
DonJoy Quick-Fit Knee Splint
Sale price$31.99
DonJoy Quick-Fit Knee Immobilizer, 20-Inch Length - 841445_EA - 1
Mueller Knee Support, One Size Fits Most - 1083396_EA - 1
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McKesson Knee Immobilizer, 12-Inch Length, One Size Fits Most -One Size Fits Most
McKesson Knee Immobilizer
Sale priceFrom $20.99 Regular price$56.99
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McKesson Hinged Knee Brace - 1159105_EA - 1
McKesson Hinged Knee Brace
Sale priceFrom $61.99
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McKesson Patella Support Knee Brace - 1159108_EA - 1
McKesson Patella Support Knee Brace
Sale priceFrom $46.99 Regular price$63.99
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Types of Knee Braces

Knee braces come in a variety of styles and designs, and can be used for different purposes. Some knee braces are designed to provide stability and reduce the risk of further injury, while others are intended to help manage pain and improve mobility.

One common type of knee brace is the hinged knee brace. This type of brace has hinges on either side of the knee, which allow the user to move their knee freely while still providing support and protection. Hinged knee braces are often used by individuals who have suffered a ligament injury, such as an ACL tear, and are looking to return to physical activity.

Knee Braces for Arthritis

Another popular type of knee brace is the unloader knee brace. This type of brace is used to manage pain and discomfort for users with osteoarthritis, by redistributing weight and pressure away from the affected knee joint. Unloader knee braces can help reduce pain and improve mobility, allowing the user to move more easily and with less discomfort.

Knee braces can be made from a variety of materials, including plastic, metal, and foam. They're typically adjustable, allowing you to customize the fit and level of support you need.

Knee braces can helpful if you're recovering from a knee injury or managing a chronic condition. They can help reduce pain, improve mobility, and prevent further damage to your knee. While knee braces are not a cure-all, they can be part of a comprehensive treatment plan, and can help you return to their regular activities and enjoy a better life.

Compression Knee Braces

Copper Infused Knee Braces

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  • 3M
  • DJO
  • McKesson
  • ProCare

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