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Frequently Asked Questions about Syringes & Needles

There are various types of syringes and needles, each designed for specific uses. Common syringes include insulin syringes, tuberculin syringes, and luer lock syringes. Needles can vary in gauge (thickness) and length, with options like hypodermic needles, intramuscular needles, and butterfly needles.

For safety and environmental reasons, used syringes and needles should be disposed of in FDA-approved sharps disposal containers. Never throw them directly into the trash, as they can pose a hazard. Once the container is full, follow your local guidelines or healthcare facility's protocols for proper disposal.

While some types of syringes can technically be cleaned and sterilized, it's recommended that syringes and needles be used only once to prevent contamination, disease transmission, and reduced effectiveness. Especially in medical settings, single-use ensures the highest level of patient safety.

The size and type of needle depend on the intended use, the viscosity of the liquid being administered, and the patient's body type. For instance, intramuscular injections typically require longer and thicker needles than subcutaneous injections. A healthcare professional can provide guidance on the best needle for a specific purpose.

Colored caps on needles represent different gauges or thicknesses of the needle. Each color corresponds to a specific gauge, allowing for easy identification. For example, a green cap might indicate an 18-gauge needle, while a blue one might denote a 22-gauge needle. This system ensures accurate and safe selection for various medical procedures.

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