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Showing 1 - 24 of 183 products
Attends Supersorb Premium Underpad, X-Large - 1128079_BG - 1
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Wings Quilted Premium XXL Maximum Absorbency Positioning Underpad, 40 x 57 Inch - 1004608_BG - 1
Wings Quilted Premium XXL Maximum Absorbency Positioning Underpad
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Abena Essentials Underpad - 1113242_EA - 1
Abena Essentials Underpad
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Dignity Ultrashield Premium Superabsorbent Underpad, 30 x 30 Inch - 970832_CS - 1
Dignity Extra Underpad, 23 x 36 Inch - 970830_CS - 1
McKesson Underpad, 23 x 36 Inch - 807974_CS - 1
Tena InstaDri Air Underpad, 23 x 36 Inch - 764084_CS - 1
Tena Ultra Underpad, 23 x 36 Inch - 287092_CS - 1
Wings Plus Underpads, Disposable, Heavy Absorbency - 147773_CS - 1
Dignity Ultrashield Premium Superabsorbent Underpad, 30 x 36 Inch - 1145366_CS - 1
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Becks Classic Reusable Underpads - 1101029_CS - 1
Becks Classic Reusable Underpads
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Underpad, 35 x 48 Inch - 1056459_DZ - 1
Beck's Classic Birdseye Underpad, 36 x 72 Inch - 996978_EA - 1
Dignity Ultrashield Plus Underpad, 30 X 36 Inch - 987179_PK - 1
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Beck's Classic Underpad, 36 x 48 Inch - 983312_EA - 1
Beck's Classic Underpad, 36 x 48 Inch
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CareFor Economy Underpad, 36 x 72 Inch - 957398_EA - 1
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Attends Care Dri-Sorb Underpads - 955054_BG - 1
Attends Care Dri-Sorb Underpads
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Tena Large Underpad, 29½ x 29½ Inch - 943768_PK - 1
Underpad with Tuckable Flaps, 35 x 35 Inch - 880854_EA - 1

What size disposable underpad is right for me?

When choosing an underpad size, they come in a variety of dimensions. A few key things come into play in your decision. Where will you be using the underpad? Will it be on a bed? If so, what size bed? Who is the underpad for? Is it for an adult, a child or a pet? If you 're choosing an underpad for a child, you may want to go with a washable incontinence bed pad so that you can keep it clean while also keeping your long term costs down. If you are choosing an underpad for a small pet, you may want to go with a disposable pad that you can dispose of when it's been soiled on.

If you're looking for an underpad for a wheelchair, it's best to measure the wheelchair seat first, so that you can find the right size underpad that will fit without any folds or too much overhang. We suggest you use the filters on the this page to find the right dimensions for your needs.

Should I choose a Disposable Underpad or a Washable/Reusable Underpad?

When it comes to deciding between a disposable underpad or reusable/washable underpad, it really comes down to a few questions. Do you need Heavy Absorbency or will Light Absorbency be ok? If the pads underpads will be used purely for urine soiled protection, than it's best to go with a reusable pad. If you're more concerned with pets defecating on the pad, than you want to go with a disposable underpad that is waterproof so you can dispose of the waste in a sanitary manner.

What are the variations of underpads?

Underpads come in a variety of sizes and absorbency levels to suit different needs. They can be found in both disposable and reusable options, providing flexibility and choice for users.

What are underpads also known as?

Underpads are also commonly referred to as "chux pads." This alternative name is commonly used in healthcare settings and among individuals who require incontinence care.

What is the purpose of underpads?

Underpads are designed to prevent mishaps from spilling on surfaces when changing incontinence products. They provide a protective layer that helps keep beds, furniture, and floors clean and dry.

How are underpads made?

Underpads are made of thin, soft sheets of absorbent material with a watertight barrier attached to one side. This construction allows them to effectively collect and contain bowel and urine voids.

Frequently Asked Questions about Incontinence Underpads

To stop urine or feces leakage, underpads for incontinence are disposable or (reusable) washable pads that are placed on a chair, bed, or other surface. They come in a range of sizes, colors, absorbency levels, and materials and are an excellent method for individuals of all ages to control incontinence and protect furnishings. Several brands use designer patterns to conceal their presence.

Yes, there are several types of incontinence underpads available on the market. Disposable pads are ideal for short-term use, while reusable underpads are more cost-effective for long-term use. There are also underpads with adhesive strips to secure them in place, and some underpads are designed for specific needs, such as bariatric patients, which can be moved while in place without having to move the patient as these tend to be stronger.

Underpads for incontinence that have a soft, breathable top layer are less prone to irritate your skin. The pad can irritate skin, though, if it is left on for a long time or if it is not replaced frequently. To prevent skin irritation, If the underpad has become soiled, it's always best to change it out frequently and to use a skin-protective cream or ointment if you're more prone to skin irritations or just have sensitive skin in general.

Its important to select the right size underpad to ensure maximum protection. Measure the surface where you plan to use the underpad and choose a size that covers the entire surface. Also, consider the absorbency level based on the severity of incontinence. For example, children are more likely to move around a lot while sleeping so you may want to get a larger pad and place it differently than if you are using it for an elderly patient.

Indeed, incontinence underpads are made to guard against both feces and urine leakage. They have a soft top layer that offers comfort and absorbency and a waterproof backing that stops leakage. To minimize skin irritation and provide a clean surface for the patient, always remember to replace disposable underpads once they become dirty.

It depends on the type of incontinence underpad. Disposable pads should be discarded after use, while reusable pads can be washed and reused multiple times. However, it's essential to follow the manufacturer's washing instructions to ensure that the pads remain effective and hygienic.

Underpads should be changed as often as possible once they become soiled. The main purpose of an underpad is prevent the surface of the furniture from becoming soiled by urine and/or fecal leakage.

While most underpads will stay in place in general, you can get underpads that specifically have adhesive strips on the underside of them to help keep them in place. Some users will buy larger underpads so that they can span from the pillow down below the knees, which can help keep them in place during the night.

Underpads have two sides, a cloth like side which should be placed facing up and a waterproof backing that should placed down, that is the side that is going to prevent any fluids from soiling your mattress or furniture.

The answer to this is best answered based on the person using the underpad. For example, children tend to move more in their sleep so it's best to use a larger underpad that can cover from their shoulders to their knees as they may wake up sideways on the bed in the morning. Meanwhile, elderly patients can use underpads that are positioned to cover from their belly buttons down to mid thigh. If used in conjunction with adult diapers with tabs, they make managing incontinence that much easier.

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