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Accurate results from Embrace test strips are essential for monitoring your health and well-being. Whether tracking your blood sugar levels or testing for other substances, it's important to ensure you're getting reliable results. This article will provide tips on ensuring accurate results with Embrace test strips. 

How to Get Accurate Results with Embrace Test Strips

Using fresh capillary whole blood drawn from the fingertips, palm, or forearm, the Embrace test strips are intended for use with the Embrace glucose meter to assess blood glucose quantitatively. The secret to having precise findings when using the Embrace glucose monitoring system is to ensure accurate results with Embrace test strips.

You don't need to do much with Embrace to get accurate results. According to the Embrace User Handbook, the Embrace test strips are glucose-specific, biosensor-based test strips that can instantly test glucose in fresh capillary whole blood with a very small blood sample. 

The test findings may be 10 to 15% higher than those obtained through whole blood-referenced blood glucose analysis, but they are plasma-calibrated for simple lab result comparison. You can be sure that every reading you get is an accurate and useful result because the test strip also has under-fill detection, which will let you know when there isn't enough blood to do a test.

Important Notes 

There are a few things to remember once you buy these medical supplies online in Idaho. 

  • After each usage, immediately tighten the vial top on the test strip bottle. Maintain the test strips in their original container. Do not leave any test strips outside the bottle when not in use.
  • DON'T REUSE test strips. Test strips are only meant to be used once.
  • Put used test strips and lancets in the appropriate trash cans.

No Coding Necessary

Test strips from Embrace don't need to be coded, saving you a step. The Embrace No Coding meter and Omnis Health Embrace blood glucose test strips are compatible with testing your blood sugar levels with fewer steps.

Using Embrace Test Strips and Control Testing to Ensure Accuracy

To ensure your meter and test strips operate properly, use the Embrace Control Solution. You should perform this quick check frequently. Please refer to the Embrace handbook in the test strip box for more instructions. To guarantee accurate results with Embrace test strips and ensure your meter and strips are functioning properly, use an Embrace control solution (or solutions).

Recommendations for Blood Glucose Testing

The Embrace User Manual suggests following the instructions below while using Embrace test strips to ensure reliable results.

  • Do a control test after properly setting up your meter.
  • Using soap and warm water, thoroughly clean the testing area and your hands.
  • You are conducting your tests in a zone with temperatures between 50°F and 104°F. Your Embrace glucose meter will display and not test outside of this range. The meter will state "temperature out of range" if the voice feature is used. Place the temperature meter between 50- and 104 degrees Fahrenheit, then wait 10 to 15 minutes before testing it again.
  • For each test, use a fresh, sterile lancet to prevent cross-contamination. When taking a blood sample, ensure the region is dry if alcohol wipes were used to clean the fingers. It is advised to wash with warm water and soap. The blood test could be affected by alcohol and hand sanitizer.
  • Verify the test strip bottle and its package's printed expiration date. Use only fresh test strips while using Embrace to ensure reliable results.
  • Each Embrace test strip should be used immediately after removal from the vial.
  • Never use test strips that are damp or damaged.
  • Stay out of the heat and intense sunshine. The test strip bottle should be kept in a dry, cold location.
  • On the bottle's label, note the "date opened." After three months from the opening date, throw away the bottle and any unused test strips.


Accurate results with Embrace test strips can be ensured by following the instructions provided with the product, using the same test strip for all the tests, following the testing sequence, and keeping the strips away from heat, moisture, and light. It is also important to calibrate the glucose meter as instructed and periodically clean it with a damp cloth. 

Additionally, it is crucial to use the test strips within their expiration date and store them according to the instructions provided. Finally, it is important to discard used test strips and lancets properly. Following these steps will guarantee accurate results with Embrace talk test strips.

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