5 Common Mistakes You Must Avoid When Buying Adult Diapers - Cart Health

For all new parents, diapers are necessary because they provide a comfortable and hygienic way to contain and dispose of a baby's waste while keeping their skin dry and free from irritation. For this reason, all parents buy only the best quality products, no matter the cost. However, it is not just babies who use diapers but also adults. 

More specifically, the people who use adult diapers are typically the elderly, those with incontinence issues, are bedridden, or have disabilities. Like regular baby diapers, adult diapers are designed to keep the user's skin dry, comfortable, and free from irritation. In addition, they are also designed to absorb and contain waste, prevent leakage, and provide a secure fit. However, buying adult diapers is often tricky because they come in various sizes and absorbency levels. For this reason, one must avoid making mistakes when buying adult diapers, such as:

#1 - Using a Disposable Underpad Instead of an Absorbent Underwear

Having bladder leaks is common and can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. Unfortunately, the discomfort and embarrassment can be compounded if you don't have the right product to help manage the leakage. Doctors often recommend disposable underpads, and these thin pads are placed on top of your bedding or clothing to absorb any leaks. They allow the skin to breathe more easily and can be easily disposed of after use. 

However, if you're experiencing frequent leaks, disposable underpads may not be the best solution. This is because when urine comes in contact with air, the pH level changes and becomes highly alkaline, harming your skin.

#2 - Wearing a Pull-up within Tab-Style Adult Diaper

Protective underwear is a great way to protect against incontinence. It has a special lining that prevents leakage from passing through, making you feel secure and comfortable. You should get the correct measurements for your hips and waist to ensure the perfect fit. This way, you can make sure to get the best protection possible. 

#3 - Wearing a Pad within an Absorbent Underwear for Extra Protection

Adding extra layers of protection to an adult diaper may seem like a good idea, but it can cause more harm than good. Disposable underpads are not designed to be worn with adult diapers, and the additional layers can cause skin irritation and rashes. To ensure optimal absorbency, stick with the diaper you already have. If you need more protection, use a booster pad with no plastic backing so that moisture can go through it. 

#4 - Only Buying Adult Diapers with the Highest Absorbency

Some people need products that can absorb a lot of liquid. They might choose the product with the highest absorbency level to ensure they don't have any issues with it. Many adult pull-ups and diapers have a lot of absorbances and can keep people dry even during the night. Even if an overnight product is required, a highly absorbent daytime product may work just as well. 

In simpler terms, using an absorbent product can be costly and may not be necessary if a product with less absorbency does the job. To save money, look for a product with the right absorbency level that suits your needs.

#5 - Choosing the Cheapest Adult Diaper to Save Money

Above all else, you should never settle for the cheapest adult diaper just to save money. While it may seem like a good idea at first, it can cause a lot of problems in the long run. Cheaper adult diapers often don’t offer the same level of absorbency, which can lead to embarrassing leaks and skin irritation. In addition, they may not fit properly, leading to further discomfort and lack of security. Even if it costs you, you should never get cheap adult diapers because you can never put a price on comfort. 


Adult diapers are necessary for many people who suffer from incontinence and other medical conditions. Adult diapers are available in most drugstores and online, so you can find plenty of options. All that matters is finding a diaper that will provide you with the comfort, protection, and absorbency you need.

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