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To move independently with less pain and discomfort, to improve your safety and prevent falls, to expand the distance you can walk, to hasten your recovery from an injury, or to make it possible for you to carry objects while walking are the primary reasons you could start using a walker or rollator. 

Most walker users state that their greater flexibility and mobility have made them happier and more self-assured.

What Motivates People To Use Walkers?

Using a walker broadens your base of support. As a result, you learn to be more steady and balanced. Relieving some of the weight from your legs makes it possible for you to support weight with your arms.

A walker can significantly increase your endurance and capacity to walk far distances or spend more time outside because it is easier on your lower body and needs less energy to maintain balance.

Even though no one thinks about needing a walker when they are young, if you have ever fallen or needed assistance getting around due to an accident, illness, or sickness, owning a walker will likely increase your independence and standard of living.

When Should A Person Use A Walker?

Your choice to use a walker may be influenced by the ten criteria listed below:

Your degree of anxiety is diminishing. If you recently fell or even had a close encounter, your fear of falling could become crippling. You might feel more at ease and restore confidence if you had a walker.

You stride with your feet apart or struggle with balance. It gets harder to stand up straight and keep our equilibrium as we age. There may be "postural sway" in our body, which induces us to start walking with our feet more apart. 

However, doing so increases your risk of falling. A walker provides a solid foundation of support, promoting balance and lowering the chance of falling.

You are weaker now. A walker may offer essential support if you have problems rising from a chair or if your legs fatigue rapidly.

You rapidly become breathless. Do you become tired or out of breath easily when you're walking? When utilizing a walker, your capacity to walk farther and for longer while feeling less worn out rises.

You cannot support your entire weight on your legs. If one or both of your legs are sore or weak and you cannot hold your weight on them, a walker can help you by allowing you to put some of your weight on your arms.

You experience pain or anguish while walking. Over time, your muscles and joints may begin to hurt so much that walking becomes challenging. 

A walker can lessen (or eliminate) this pain by easing some of the tension in your body while walking.

Independence is largely characterized by the ability to move and transfer objects from one location to another. You must still rely on others if you cannot complete a task, such as bringing food or groceries from the kitchen to the dining room. These items are ideal for placing in a seat, basket, or bag and attaching to a walker.

You are recovering after surgery. If you've had surgery, you might not have the strength or capacity to walk without feeling pain. With a walker, you can have the required freedom while healing.

After suffering from a disease, illness, or stroke, your health is returning. If you've endured a crippling sickness and spent time in the hospital, your muscles may have atrophied from inactivity. With a walker, you can stand up and move around more quickly while rebuilding your strength.

You have arthritis, osteoporosis, Parkinson's disease, or Multiple Sclerosis. A walker can be a lifeline if you have a condition that affects your balance, muscles, coordination, or makes walking challenging.


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