EdemaWear Compression Stockinette

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EdemaWear Compression Stockinette

Compression Stocking EdemaWear® Thigh High Large White Open Toe
  • Size - Large; Length - 24 inches / Circumference - up to 46 inches
  • EdemaWear® stockinet utilizes a new textile technology, Fuzzy Wale Elastic Compression (FWC)
  • Wales (fuzzy corduroy-like material) create a fuzzy nexus with the skin to deliver effective compression of the subcutaneous fat and to move water back to the heart
  • Between the wales, medical Lycra® spandex elastic yarn provides compression
  • There is non-compressed skin between each wale with patent lymphatic vessels
  • Over time, the wales impresses into the skin creating a "cornrow" furrow
  • In each cornrow furrow, tissue compression is high enough to be physiologically useful

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