Precision Xceed Pro Blood Glucose Test Strips

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Keep Your Blood Glucose in Check with Precision Xceed Pro Test Strips!

Accurate and Convenient Blood Glucose Monitoring for Optimal Healt

Ensure accurate and hassle-free blood glucose testing with Precision Xceed Pro Test Strips. Each box contains 100 strips, allowing you to regularly monitor your levels with convenience and ease.


  • Small Blood Sample: With just 0.6 microliters of blood needed for testing, these strips make for a virtually painless experience.
  • Compatible with Abbott Precision Xceed Pro System: Designed specifically for use with the Precision Xceed Pro and ß-Ketone Monitoring Systems, these strips provide reliable and consistent results.
  • Quick Results: The Precision Xceed Pro Test Strips deliver results in a matter of seconds, providing you with timely information to manage your blood glucose levels effectively.
  • Accurate Readings: These test strips are manufactured using advanced technology, ensuring precise and dependable readings every time.
  • Trusted by Professionals: These test strips are trusted and preferred by healthcare professionals, making them a reliable choice for your blood glucose monitoring needs.

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