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The Prodigy AutoCode Talking Blood Glucose Meter

This blood glucose meter speaks in 4 languages and is designed for In Vitro Diagnostic of blood glucose levels.

The Prodigy AutoCode® requires No Coding; just simply insert the blood glucose test strip into the test strip port and the Prodigy AutoCode® automatically powers on. The Prodigy AutoCode® talking glucose meter will guide you through the glucose testing steps and speaks in 4 languages including; English, Spanish, French, and Arabic.

It provides results in seven seconds, has a 450-test memory with date and time, and provides 7, 14, and 28-day averages. The USB port feature is present for downloading your meter’s result using the free Prodigy diabetes management software. Our meters require a small blood sample and are approved for alternate site testing.


  • Speaks in 4 Languages (English, Spanish, French & Arabic)
  • 7 Second Results
  • Stores Up To 450 Results
  • 7, 14, and 30 Day Averaging
  • No Coding Required

Prodigy Autocode is a blood glucose meter designed for use by people with diabetes. It is a small, portable device that allows users to test their blood sugar levels quickly and easily. The Prodigy Autocode is known for its ease of use, accuracy, and reliability, making it a popular choice among people with diabetes.

One of the main features of the Prodigy Autocode is its ability to automatically code itself to the type of test strip being used. This eliminates the need for users to manually enter the code for their test strips, which can be a common source of errors and inaccuracies with other glucose meters. The Prodigy Autocode is compatible with Prodigy test strips, which are known for their accuracy and reliability.

This system includes:

  • Prodigy Autocode Meter
  • 2 'AAA' Batteries
  • Carry Case
  • Owner's Manual
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Warranty Card
  • Log Book

Not included but can be purchased separately:

*Necessary for system use.

In addition to its automatic coding feature, the Prodigy Autocode is also designed with user-friendly features that make it easy to use. It has a large, easy-to-read display that shows the blood sugar level, as well as the date and time of the test. The meter also has a memory function that stores up to 450 test results, making it easy for users to track their blood sugar levels over time.

The Prodigy Autocode is also designed to be compact and portable, making it convenient for people on the go. It is small enough to fit in a pocket or purse, and comes with a carrying case for easy storage and transport. It is also powered by a long-lasting battery, so users don't have to worry about running out of power during testing.

Another key feature of the Prodigy Autocode is its accuracy. The meter is designed to meet the ISO 15197:2013 accuracy standards, which means it has been tested to ensure that it provides accurate results within a certain range. This is important for people with diabetes, as accurate blood sugar readings are essential for managing their condition.

There are several factors to consider when using the Prodigy Autocode, including the type of test strips being used, the technique for obtaining a blood sample, and the storage and handling of the meter and test strips. It is important for users to follow the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations to ensure accurate results and to maintain the accuracy of the meter over time.

The Prodigy Autocode is a reliable and convenient choice for people with diabetes who need to regularly test their blood sugar levels. Its ease of use, accuracy, and portability make it a popular choice among people with diabetes.

Prodigy Autocode Resources:

Download the Autocode Quick Reference Guide Here.

Download the Autocode User Manual Here.

Download the Prodigy Diabetes Management Software Here.

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