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What is Thick Water?

Thick water or Thickened Water is designed to be used by people who have difficulty swallowing, this is known as Dysphagia. According to the National Library of Medicine, swallowing problems affect 1 in 25 adults annually.

Thickened water is a great alternative to normal water (h2O) for dehydration for people who have trouble swallowing. 

Is thick water healthy to drink?

What you consume is always a concern and you should always educate yourself by reading the nutrition labels before purchasing or consuming any product. Thickened water contains some sodium but no calories and are safe to consume.

What does thick water taste like?

Thickened water is typically unflavored or flavor less. This allows you to add your own flavors if you want without compromising taste.

Who should use thickened water?

Thickened water should be used by people over the age of 12 who have difficulty swallowing. You should consult your physician before using thickened water.

What ingredients are in thick water?

Thick water ingredients can vary by brand or manufacturer but they typically contain mineral water, xantham gum, potassium sorbate, and sodium benzoate (to preserve freshness) as well as a few varieties of sodium.

Does thick water have calories?

No, Thick water contains no calories. You should confirm the nutrition facts label on the product before purchasing or consuming if calories are a concern.

Where to buy thick water.

Thick water and thickening products can be purchased in most pharmacies, some grocery stores or online. On the Cart Health website we carry a variety of thickeners here.