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Showing 1 - 24 of 29 products
Skil-Care Stimulator Tray -Each
Skil-Care Stimulator Tray
Sale price$135.99
SkiL-Care Standard Gait Belt with Metal Buckle - 170948_EA - 1
SkiL-Care Standard Gait Belt with Delrin Buckle - 171064_EA - 1
SkiL-Care Shower/Toilet Safety Belt -Each
Skil-Care Oxygen Tank Holder -Each
Skil-Care Oxygen Tank Holder
Sale price$59.99
Skil-Care Leg Protectors -1 Pair
Skil-Care Leg Protectors
Sale price$52.99
Skil-Care Leg Pad -Each
Skil-Care Leg Pad
Sale price$24.99
SkiL-Care Heavy-Duty Gait Belt with Delrin Buckle, Pinstripe, 60 Inch -Each
Skil-Care Head Positioner -Each
Skil-Care Head Positioner
Sale price$55.99
SkiL-Care Gait Belt, Heavy-Duty Webbing, 60 Inch, Pinstripe -Each
Skil-Care Footrest Bag for Use With Wheelchair, 14 in. L x 22 in. H, Vinyl -Each
SkiL-Care Econo Alarm System -Each
SkiL-Care Econo Alarm System
Sale priceFrom $24.99
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SkiL-Care ChairPro Alarm System - 580341_EA - 1
SkiL-Care 60 Inch Nylon Gait Belt with Metal Buckle, Geo-Pattern A -Each
SkiL-Care E-Z Transfer Slider Pommel - 637436_EA - 1
SkiL-Care Oxygen Cylinder Holder - 579436_EA - 1
SkiL-Care Heel / Elbow Protector - 171078_PR - 1

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