JOBST Anti-Em/GP Thigh High Anti-embolism Stockings

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UOM: 1 Pair
Size: Large / Long
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JOBST Anti-Em/GP Thigh High Anti-embolism Stockings

  • Size - Large / Long, Length - 33 to 38 inches
  • Circumference: Calf - 15 to 18 inches, Thigh -16 to 29 inches
  • The JOBST® Seamless Anti-Embolism Elastic Stocking is specifically designed to combat thromboembolism
  • It applies a gradient compression, greatest at the ankle, and gradually decreasing to the thigh without tourniqueting or impeding the venous return
  • A convenient opening is located on the top of the foot so the patient's skin will never touch the floor
  • 79% Nylon / 17% Spandex / 4% Neoprene

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